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  PixelER Laser รักษาหลุมสิว แผลเป็น กระชับรูขุมขน ไม่ต้องพักฟื้นหลังการรักษา
             PixelER Laser เป็นเทคโนโลยี Fractional Erbium ความยาวคลื่น 2940 นาโนเมตร ลำแสงมีความละเอียดสูงทำให้เกิดการลอกอ่อนๆของผิวชั้นบนและกระตุ้นการสร้างคอลลาเจน  
High Power Q-Switched module is used for the non-invasive removal of various colored tattoos and benign pigmented lesions, providing deep penetration for fast, safe, and efficient removal. By utilizing our unique 5x5 tip you can now offer non-ablative fractionated skin resurfacing with this module.

    Give your patients a more youthful appearance with the Pixel Pro featuring the iPixel skin resurfacing laser on HarmonyXL. As part of Laser360iQ or a stand-alone treatment, the procedure will gradually stimulate new cells to replace aged and photo-aged skin with little patient downtime.  
                            iPixelER 7x7 tip   
                iPixelER 1x7 tip
    Pixel Pro - How It Works  
With the High Power Pixel 2940, preprogrammed laser energy passes through the patented Pixel micro optics lens array and penetrates the skin, affecting just 15-20 percent of the surface. It creates an ablative thermal channel at the pixel area - a micro-injury - without disturbing the surrounding tissue. Those micro-injured areas start the process of healing and the untreated area acts as a reservoir for rapid restoration. As collagen remodels a fresher, more youthful appearance develops.
  The gentleness of the procedure allows delicate areas such as the neck, chest and hands to be treated as safely as the face with little risk of infection. There is little downtime or discomfort, minimal analgesia, and no other disposables are required.  

    Pixel Pattern  

  The Pixel Pro is one handpiece with three differeent tips for ablation and fractional ablation; 4mm Erbium, 1x7 fractional rolling and 7x7 fractional stamping tips. The operator can decide the appropriate dot pattern for each patient.  

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