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AFT is a breakthrough in light based technology that converts unused UV light into the optimal spectrum for a range of treatment applications. This advanced technology enables AFT to effectively utilize lower energy levels, resulting in visible clinical improvement while protecting the epidermis.
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The HarmonyXL is the world’s most versatile and expandable platform for aesthetic laser and light treatments. Its modular design provides you multiple distinct cosmetic solutions all built into one compact unit. With the HarmonyXL, you can purchase only the handpieces you require today and add new technologies as your practice grows.
     High Power Q-Switched Brochure  

High Power Q-Switched module is used for the non-invasive removal of various colored tattoos and benign pigmented lesions, providing deep penetration for fast, safe, and efficient removal. Uniquely designed for use with the HarmonyXL platform, it is the only device available with the Q switch integrated into the module and not as a stand alone device. This breakthrough technology enables physicians to offer a wide range of treatments as part of the HarmonyXL platform, including:
    iPixelER Laser Brochure  

The iPixelEr is Alma Lasers fastest Erbium laser module. Designed for use with the HarmonyXL, the iPixelEr speeds up treatment time while delivering beautiful results for skin resurfacing.
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